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Winthorp Yacht Club Membership

The membership rolls of the WYC are currently full.  We expect to start interviewing new candidates in January 2019.  In the meantime applications are being accepted and placed on a waiting list.  The current waiting time is approximately one year for Regular Members and one year for Associate Members. 

There are two categories of membership available, depending on your interests.

Regular Member: This category is for people interested in boating. It allows the member to vote and to use all club facilities including the marina. The dues are $385 per year. There is an initiation fee of $225.

Associate Member: This category is for people who are only interested in the social aspects of the Club. The Associate Member can use all of the facilities of the clubhouse, but cannot vote or run for office, and cannot utilize the marina. The annual dues are $190 with an initiation fee of $125. 

If you have any questions concerning membership, contact the Chairman of the Membership Committee, Dave De Angelis.



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