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The purpose of this page is to verify that you are a member of the Winthrop Yacht Club in good standing. Please take the time to update your email address and text information, so that we can include you as a member in all our members only Newsletters and correspondence.

Once you are confirmed as a member you will receive several emails:

  • (Immediately): Response that we have received your form submission


  • (After Membership confirmation): Informing you that you are a confirmed member with the password to the members only Newsletter site


  • (After confirmation, only if you selected to receive the newsletter by email) :Verification email from that you need to respond to by clicking on the link provided that will verify that you would like to receive the newsletter at the email address that you provided.


If you selected to receive the newsletter by email, please make sure to turn off your popup blockers before responding to the listserver confirmation email. You can turn them on afterwards.

Read here on how to turn off your popup-blockers.

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